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Testimonials from Winemakers

Testimonials from winemakers on the Eon precast concrete wine tanks (egg shaped 1520L)

Cape Jaffa Wines, Mount Benson, South Australia:
“The tanks look great and we are pleased.”

Derek and Anna Hooper Samantha, Lismore Wine Estate:
“I am very happy with the two eggs and would like to order two more.”

Johan, Kruger wines:
“Good quality wine was produced please add my name to next year’s order list.”

Lourens, Arendsig Wines:
“Fine wine was made in the concrete egg.”

Nico, Eikendal Wines:
“Very impressed with wine produced in the eggs, ordered four more.”

Paul, Wallovale Vineyards:
“We are over the moon with the Cabernet Franc produced in the egg.”

Rikus, Bizoe Wines:
“Happy with results ordered one more.”

JD, Steenberg Wines:
“I am very happy with the wine produced in the egg and would like to order one more. If I had more space I would fill my cellar with eggs.”

Julien, Julien Schaal Wines:
“Satisfied and would like to order one more.”

Chris Alheit, Hemelrand, Hemel en Aarde Ridge, Hermanus:
“We used one of the new locally made "Eon" cement eggs, manufactured by Cape Concrete and distributed by iKapa Concrete, on a trial basis. We used it for white wine, but I know that Alex Milner (Natte Valleij) used his for Cinsault (looking seriously good).
“For that sake of accuracy, I didn't want to make a call before about July/August, but now I can say for sure that I'm extremely happy with the results. We will definitely be buying more of these eggs as our budget allows” “I would like to order one egg and six squares for the 2017 harvest” ”

Christophe Durand, Dorrance Wines, CBD Cape Town:
“We have just racked the Chenin 2017 which was in the egg and I' very happy with results and would like to order another one” ”

Tyrrel Myburgh, Joostenberg Wines, Muldersvlei:
“I’m happy with the performance“
“Gave me a different set of characteristics compared to barrels and stainless steel. Good combination of texture and freshness.“
“I would like to order one more for the 2107 harvest.”

Nadia Barnard, Waterkloof Wine Estate, Sir Lowry’s Pass Road:
“Eight months after installing 15 concrete tanks (Egg shaped Eon 1520L) at Waterkloof Wine Estate, cellar master/winemaker Nadia Barnard has given a thumbs up for the way the tanks have behaved. She is satisfied with the different varieties of wine produced in the eggs with Chardonnay specially mentioned.“
“These concrete wine tanks are very popular with new world wine makers and brings something totally different to wine than the more traditional wood barrels and stainless steel tanks.”

Francois van Zyl, Laibach Wines, Stellenbosch:
“Too early to make a decision what impact the tank has on the wine.”

Roelof Lotriet, Guardian Peak, Stellenbosch:
“I am satisfied with the wine produced in the eggs.“
“We will definitely be buying more in the future, it just makes sense.”

Francois Haasbroek, Black Water Wines, Muldersvlei:
“I would like to order another one for the 2017 harvest.”

Rudi von Waltsleben , D’Aria Winery, Durbanville:
“I am very satisfied with the performance of the eggs and would like to order two more for the 2017 harvest.”

Kosie van der Merwe, Elgin Ridge Wine Estate, Elgin:
“We have only used two of the three eggs for fermentation and were impressed with the results.”

Gordon Johnson, Newton Johnston, Hemel en Aarde Ridge, Hermanus:
“I am happy with the final product.”

Jose Conde, Stark-Conde, Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch:
“I am happy with the tanks. We used the wine. It wasn’t our best wine, but it wasn’t our worse. We think it has a role to play.”

Alexander Miller, Natte Valleij, Stellenbosch:
“Welcome to the scene Dougie Atterbury from iKapa Concrete, with a ‘lifetime’ experience in the concrete industry. He put it upon himself to locally manufacture concrete eggs…local is lekker and a whole lot cheaper! With over 12 months of research and development the first few EON tanks where rolled out at the beginning of the year. They were strategically placed with some of our industries more innovative wine-makers to be tested and the results so far are looking and tasting more than promising.”

egg shaped tanks

“Assists in oxygenation of the wines.”

“Thermodynamics of the shape aids fluid movement for temperature and reduces pressure on the lees.”

“Shape also aids the deposition of the lees across a larger floor area than a barrel and avoids the need for stirring.”

“The thermal dynamics of cement is unsurpassed, the egg shape playing a huge role in thermal currents within the tank allowing the lees to remain in contact longer.”

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