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A precast concrete rainwater harvesting tank.

iKapa Concrete Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

The BENEFITS of installing an underground iKapa Concrete Tank:

Invisible Tank Installation
The tank can be buried under your drive way, lawn, or in the garden.  There will be no unsightly plastic tank sitting beside your home, taking up valuable space.

Cost Saving
Save on your municipal water usage.

Low Maintenance
Filter screens needs to be cleaned about every 2-3 months.

Long lasting
Concrete is stronger and more durable.

Guilt Free
You can use your water supply, guilt free. You can set up a sprinkler on your lawn, hose your driveway, top up your pool, and water the garden anytime.

Clean Water
Rain iKapa Concrete tank is stored below ground level away from direct sun light and because of the concrete’s insolation properties it virtually keeps the water germ and algae free.

Increase Property Value
The selling benefits of having an invisible underground concrete water tank adds value to your home.

Chlorine free
Washing your car with rainwater doesn’t leave chlorine spots like is does from the chlorinated town water, which is especially visible on dark coloured cars.

iKapa Concrete Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

How does water harvesting work?

An iKapa tank is fitted to your down pipe from your roof, and falling rain enters the tank through a filter screen which removes leaves and other debris. A pump is fitted to the water tank to pump cool stored water to its desired use. Watering your lawn/garden, washing your car, top-up your pool, hose your driveway and so much more...

rainwater storage tanks


Specification of rainwater harvesting tanks

Our concrete water tanks offer a 1 year structural warrantee against cracking.


2,47 m
2,47 m
1,576 m
6 000 L
8 500 Kg
2,47 m
2,47 m
2,030 m
8 000 L
10 000 Kg
2,47 m
2,47 m
2,400 m
10 000 L
11 000 Kg

Wall thickness 175 mm to 135 mm
Bottom 120 mm
Top slab 150 mm


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