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Concrete Wine Tanks are gaining in popularity in the Western Cape of South Africa.


After many years of using large epoxy coated concrete wine tanks, new advances have heralded the launch of the smaller, egg shaped uncoated range of concrete wine tanks in SA. These new tanks have many benefits that are attributed to improved wine quality through its innovative assistance in the wine fermentation process. These tanks act as a wooden barrel that allows the tank to breathe, enhancing the quality of the final product.

Initial results have been successful and orders for our tanks are growing steadily. The best testimonials to our products success comes from wineries that have used our egg shaped wine tanks and have subsequently placed orders for more tanks.

These high quality egg shaped tanks are locally manufactured, to exacting standards, where only the best quality of material is used in their construction.

Feel free to contact us for more information and be part of the growing wine cellars that are using our tanks.

Company profile
  1. Saving on excavating cost
    Size of hole: 3,0m x 3,0m x 1,7m
  2. Thicker walls
    95mm to 150mm
  3. Structural certificate SANS 0400
  4. Two-year warrantee: Structural and leakage

Natte Valleij and the EON EGG




We are the only company in south africa marketing and distributing concrete wine tanks manufactured locally to international standards.